Safe Harbor

I painted this watercolor on September 11th,

From the comforting familiarity of the Yacht Club,

Where I went to escape from the broadcast images of

Terror and destruction in New York City.

The warm sun of that glorious fall day, and the

Tranquil water with boats bobbing safely on their moorings,

Conveyed a sense of security and peace, a confirmation

That there will continue to be beauty in the world,

That we can find places of peace. . . safe harbors.


JoAnne Chittick

Cohasset, Massachusetts


Safe Harbor

5″ x 7″ (mat) – $75
framed (8″ x 10″) – $125

10″ x 14″ (mat) – $150
framed (16″ x 20″) – $250

Matted and backed in acid-free board to fit standard size frames.